Juniors Registration

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SGSA 2018 Junior Division  (Grades 4th - 6th)     

Registration Fee: $110.00


NAME OF CHILD: ______________________________________________________________

DATE OF BIRTH: ______________________AGE: _____________ GRADE: _______________

MAILING ADDRESS:____________________________________________________________

BEST PHONE NUMBER: _________________________________________________________

PARENTS/GUARDIANS: _________________________________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________________

Did you play softball in SGSA last season?   YES / NO

The team (sponsor or coach name) you played for last season____________________________  

Will you be changing teams?  [within your division] YES / NO

Did you play travel/tournament or school softball? YES / NO       

 If yes, Team name(s): ________________________________ Position(s): _________________

Do you have a sibling in the league? YES/NO If yes, name and the division _______________

Shirt size:      ADULT / YOUTH        Sm                  Med                 Lg                    X-Lg


Parent / Legal Guardian Signature ________________________________Date ______________


**There will also be a $15.00 charge for any returned checks**



Person receiving payment______________ Cash / Check# ______ $________

2018 Junior Registration Form.pdf